Barry Murphy

Barry Murphy is a much loved Irish comedian who has a starring role in Apr├Ęs Match. He is also co-founder of the Comedy Cellar, Ireland’s longest running comedy club. He performed for the LVA at the ‘Hooley in the House’ celebration to mark 200 years of the LVA. We sat down with Barry to ask him what make the Dublin Pub the best in the world…

What is your favourite Dublin pub?

The international bar. Home of the Comedy Cellar.

What is your tipple of choice?

Guinness. Because of the Guinness.

Pictured performing at the ‘Hooley in the House’
Iain White Photography.

Night in the local or night out in town?

Night in the local. Because of the locals.

If you had to describe a Dublin pub in 3 words what would they be?

Not far away.

What is the best night you have had in a Dublin pub?

The night I hit a 180 against former World Champion Richie Curnett and still managed to lose.

What makes a Dublin pub so unique?

They don’t ask you a load of questions about how great they are, often.

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