Keith Walsh, 2FM DJ

What is your favourite Dublin pub?

Difficult to say but I’d probably have to pick The Royal Oak in Kilmainham. It’s like a little Oasis in the City. It feels like a country pub in the heart of Dublin.

What is your tipple of choice?

A pint of Guinness usually, in the summer I like a bottle or 2 of Heineken.

Night in the local or night out in town?

Big fan of the local. Myself and the missus love nothing more than sitting at a nice bar together and solving the problems of the world.

If you had to describe a Dublin pub in 3 words what would they be?

Cosy. Craic. Friendly.

What is the best night you have had in a Dublin pub?

That’s a tough one. A friend of mine got engaged this year and he had a night out in Murphy’s pub in Rathmines, was a great night, for no specific reason really, we had fun.

What makes a Dublin pub so unique?

It’s hard to put your finger on it. I think people who are in a Dublin pub behave differently where they are…it’s a state of mind.


Keith Walsh presents Breakfast Republic weekday mornings on RTE 2FM with Jennifer Zamparelli and Bernard O’Shea

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