What is your favourite Dublin pub?

There are a some great ones but I’ve a soft spot for O’Briens on Sussex Terrace.

What is your tipple of choice?


Night in the local or night out in town?

The local suits me better these days.

If you had to describe a Dublin pub in 3 words what would they be?

Banter, Snug, Hiss.

What is the best night you have had in a Dublin pub?

I’ve been in the middle of some amazing sing songs in Whelan’s (The Clubhouse) over the years. My favourite nights always involve singing and people listening and passing the axe.

What makes a Dublin pub so unique?

I think if you’re a stranger and you pop in to a good Dublin bar, it isn’t long before someone talks to you. The best pubs usually have punters at the counter during the day which means the flow is usually good. The old ones are always the best. I actually think the ones with no TV or music are my favourite. A place to think straight, read, write or shoot the breeze.

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