Representing Dublin’s
Publicans Since 1817

The Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) is the trade association and representative body for the publicans of Dublin. It is one of the oldest trade associations in the country with an unbroken history tracing back to its foundation in 1817.

The purpose of the Association is to represent the views of the publicans of Dublin to key stakeholders and to promote their strategic business interests.


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- Councils Endorse Proposed LVA - VFI Merger 26.05.2015

As separate meetings on 26th May, the Councils of the LVA and VFI overwhelmingly endorsed the proposed merger of the two trade associations.   It will now be put to a vote of all members in September / October...

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- New LVA Chair and Vice Chair Elected 12.05.2015

At an LVA Council meeting on 12th May, the election took place of the new Chair and Vice Chair of the Association - Oliver Hughes, The Porterhouse Group and Deirdre Devitt, The Two Sisters, Terenure

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