Representing Dublin’s
Publicans Since 1817

The Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) is the trade association and representative body for the publicans of Dublin. It is one of the oldest trade associations in the country with an unbroken history tracing back to its foundation in 1817.

The purpose of the Association is to represent the views of the publicans of Dublin to key stakeholders and to promote their strategic business interests.


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- PRESS RELEASE LVA SURVEY - What Customers want from Dublin Pubs 29.08.2014

"Pubs play a huge part in the social fabric of this city and are held in deep affection by Dubliners.  The way people communicate and interact while in pubs is evolving all the time and that is reflected...

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- PRESS RELEASE LVA SURVEY - Consumer Attitudes to Pubs - 06.08.2014

“There are over 750 pubs in Dublin, every one of which plays its part in making this city such a sociable and vibrant place to live. This survey is timely as it highlights their role as focal points...

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