Member Representation


The LVA has been representing the views of the Dublin licensed trade for over 200 years, campaigning tirelessly to ensure that our perspective on key issues is considered and understood by politicians and other key decision-makers.

In recent years, the LVA played an absolutely central role in representing the trade through the pandemic, securing critical financial supports for publicans from Government, engaging in an extraordinarily intensive level of political and media engagement, while keeping members informed and updated throughout.

We have run successful compaigns on a wide variety of issues, ranging from Good Friday opening, preventing further excise increases, extending VAT 9% on several occasions and obtaining Government grant assistance with certain costs. 

Obviously the upcoming Sale of Alcohol Bill is also an over-arching priority for the Association and our members.  We are pleased our lobbying on trading hours and late trading licensing are included in the proposed legislation. 

With Government

With Government and Politicians

We engage directly with Government on every key licensed trade issue that matters to you.  We have the ability to get in front of the highest level of political decision-makers, ranging from:

  • Taoiseach
  • T√°naiste
  • Ministers for¬†Finance / Expenditure
  • Ministers for¬†Enterprise
  • Ministers for¬†Tourism
  • Ministers for¬†Justice

Oireachtas Committees

LVA appearances at these committees to represent our members views on diverse topics such as

  • Skills / staff shortages
  • Licensing legislation
  • Insurance reform

Public Submissions/Consultations

Setting out the LVA perspective on various pieces of upcoming legislation.   

Recent submissions included:

  • Sale of Alcohol Bill
  • Staff Shortages in the Hospitality Sector

With Government Departments

Depending on the specific issue involved, we engage with a range of Government departments, including:


Dept of Justice

On licensing law. The Sale of Alcohol Bill is currently being progressed by Government. While we welcome much of the Bill, we are opposed to the proposed change in the extinguishment requirement.


Dept of Finance

- Budget campaign annually
- Preventing increases in excise
- Extension of VAT 9%
- Seeking support on costs, e.g. TBESS


Dept of Tourism

- Ensuring the role of pubs in the Dublin tourism offer is recognised
- Promoting Dublin as a competitive city for short stays / weekend breaks
- Working closely with F√°ilte Ireland


Dept of Enterprise

- On regulatory conditions around employment
- Work permits / visas
- Minimum / living wage


What Our Lobbying Has Delivered for You

Throughout the Pandemic

  • Ongoing CRSS payments
  • Wage Subsidy Scheme
  • Commercial rates waivers
  • Restart grants
  • SEO waivers
  • Outdoor dining / outdoor area grants
  • Licence renewal waivers

During 2022, we secured

  • Night Economy Support Scheme: grant aid for publicans in the provision of live entertainment
  • Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme: to assist publicans with their energy costs
  • Extension of VAT 9% through 2022
  • No increase in alcohol duty
  • 50% cut in SEO costs

Sale of Alcohol Bill

  • Simplification and extension of trading hours
  • Late bar and nightclub permits
  • Abolition of SEOs
  • We are opposed to the proposed change in the extinguishment requirement

With Suppliers

  • We have strong relationships with the main draught and spirits suppliers at CEO and Commercial Director level.
  • This ensures your needs and views are understood at senior executive level. We work with suppliers to show long term sustainable growth in Dublin on-trade.

Our Engagement with Suppliers has Delivered:

  • Our representation has led to steady improvements in draught discount schemes over time, enabling members to improve gross margins and improve financial sustainability.¬†
  • We work steadily to foster competition in the draught market in particular, and liaise closely with key suppliers to enable enhanced discounts and greater competition.

Dublin pubs sell almost a third of all alcohol sold in Irish bars

With External Stakeholders

The LVA represents the views of Dublin publicans with a variety of external stakeholders and business groups including:

With Media

  • We work closely with the media to set out our views on key issues and to amplify our message to key politicians, decision makers and opinion formers.
  • Recent media campaigns included an unprecedented focus on pubs throughout the pandemic. Other recent issues highlighted included bringing focus to the staff/skills shortages, energy costs and the Sale of Alcohol Bill.
  • We use social media to bolster our message, helping to increase awareness and enhance our engagement with media/press.¬† It allows us to further connect with members, politicians and the public.
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