Member Representation

How we represent our members

The Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) has been representing the view of the Dublin Licensed Trade for the past 200 years, campaigning tirelessly to ensure the issues that matter to the Dublin Licensed Trade are considered by politicians and other decision makers.

In recent years the LVA has been successful in protecting publicans interests on a number of fundamental legislative challenges including effectively opposing the café bar proposal and the closure of early houses. Another significant example of this activity was seen in 2018 when  pubs were allowed to open on Good Friday for the first time in 91 years.  

The LVA has also continued the effective annual campaign to avoid increases in alcohol excise. They continue to lobby for the fair regulation of the industry to help to create an environment that allows Dublin pubs to thrive and contribute to the colour and vibrancy of our capital city.

We represent our members with Government; with Suppliers; with External Stakeholders; and with Media.


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