With Government

With Government and Politicians

  • The LVA lobby every level of government on key issues that matter to you. They have the power to get in front of the decision makers, enabling the trade to speak with one voice.
  • The LVA holds the right to nominate a person onto the Industrial and Commercial panel for Seanad Éireann. In 2016 the Association selected Gerry Horkan as an external candidate and he was successfully elected to the Seanad.

With Government Departments

The LVA is engaged across various departments to represent your views. The Association engages with the government division on issues affecting the trade. e.g.

The Department of Justice – on licensing laws. The LVA are currently engaged on:

  • The Sale of Alcohol Bill which is critically important for the on-trade
  • Legal trading hours, including an extended campaign to amend the laws around Good Friday trading hours
  • Licensing and planning to adjust the law so it is necessary to have planning permission prior to the application of a 7 day licence.

The Department of Finance – on taxation. The LVA are currently engaged on:

  • Striving to prevent increases in excise in the budget annually. This is as part of the Support Your Local campaign.
  • On retaining VAT at 9%. The Association has been successfully engaged with the Department on this issue for a number of years.
  • Maintaining a fair taxation system for the self-employed so they can enjoy similar benefit to other workers
  • A campaign to maintain the minimum wage at an appropriate level

The Department of Tourism – on initiatives to increase footfall in Dublin pubs

  • The LVA are funding supporters of Failte Ireland’s Dublin: A Breath of Fresh Air campaign, aimed at attracting UK tourists in particular to Dublin post-Brexit
  • The LVA are passionate about the significant contribution of pubs to city life and making the most of that marketing message so that tourists seek to experience the best pubs in the world for themselves
  • This summer, at the height of tourist season in the city, we are teaming up with the Little Museum of Dublin to create an exhibition around the History of the Dublin Pub to encourage visitors to learn more about pubs’ role in Dublin life and get out and visit some pubs for themselves

The Department of Health – on minimum pricing

  • The Association’s lobbying over the years has led to the inclusion of Minimum Price legislation which is currently provided for in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill. This is something the Dublin trade has been seeking for several years, which has led to a debate in the House of the Oireachtas

The Department of Enterprise – on regulatory conditions around work

  • The LVA speak for the trade on issues around employment law including part time, casual and late night workers

Oireachtas Committees

on issues affecting the trade as they arise. These issues tend to focus on Finance, Tourism and Jobs

  • Submissions on public policies – on behalf of the trade
  • These can be on issues as diverse as minimum wage, the soaring cost of business insurance and alcohol legislation
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