LVA and Jameson video - GreatDubPubs

Dublin pubs, great people – LVA and Jameson video

The LVA and Jameson has launched a new video, which focuses on the immense value and appeal of Dublin pubs. The latest video highlights the people aspect of the Dublin pub experience.

This is the third in our series of the social videos promoting the unique character and appeal of Dublin pubs. The LVA has partnered with a range of major drinks brands for these digital adverts, all aimed at providing a positive image of Dublin pubs for the 25 – 35 market.

Dublin pubs are the best pubs in the world and this campaign aims to get that message across to this particular age group through strong social media content.

You can view the latest video by clicking on the link below and you can share the video from the LVA’s social media channels or by using this link ––TcE

The hashtag for the campaign is #GreatDubPubs

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