Irish Government Buildings

LVA expecting ‘clarity’ for pubs during meeting in Government Buildings

The Licensed Vintners Association (LVA), the representative body for Dublin pubs, expects clarity will be provided on how pubs are to act during the current coronavirus crisis when they attend a meeting in Government Buildings this (Sunday) afternoon.

The LVA has been seeking clarity since Thursday, with the current social distancing guidelines being unworkable in a pub setting.

The LVA welcomes the responsible actions taken by the majority of Dublin pubs over the weekend, with a large number deciding to close of their own volition and others seeking to follow the guidelines to the best of their ability by limiting numbers, implementing strict hygiene protocols and spacing out tables.

We are also aware of social media reports of a small number of pubs flouting the coronavirus guidance. These pubs have been seriously irresponsible and their behaviour is completely and utterly unacceptable.

From the outset, the LVA has been calling for clear expert guidance from the Government and the Expert Advisory Group to ensure there is a consistent approach for all 7,000 pubs around the country.

Protecting the public health is the overriding priority.

The LVA is fully committed to playing our part. We will absolutely support whatever measures the Government deems necessary at today’s meeting.


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