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LVA Social Video Campaign 2019

The LVA is currently running a campaign aimed at promoting Dublin pubs to millennials. The campaign seeks to highlight the unique character of Dublin pubs, as well as the many contributions they make to the social life of the capital.

For the campaign, the LVA is partnering with 7 major drink brands, with each brand contributing their own unique video. The various videos will be listed below, once they are published.

LVA & 5 Lamps


LVA & Rockshore


LVA & Jameson

LVA & Bulmers


LVA & Coors Light

For this part of the campaign, dynamic videos were used which have been geo-targeted based on the viewer’s location. Normally, the LVA member name changes depending on the location of the viewer. For this example a specific pub name was used.

LVA & Guinness

LVA & Franciscan Well

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