LVA publishes Irish Hospitality Industry Manifesto

What are the Government’s plans for pubs? – LVA

Minister Donnelly says pubs could “materially add to the possibility of a second wave” If pubs will continue to be singled out, special treatment is required The Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) has asked the Government what their future plans will be for the pub sector should further spikes in the infection rate arise? Following comments […]

Dublin pubs closed for COVID19 crisis

Hammer blow for pubs who will be unable to trade for 40% of year

Compensation and support essential for survival of pub sector, in light of threat of future waves LVA seeks immediate discussions with Government on future of pub sector The Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) has described the Government’s decision to postpone the reopening of pubs as a “hammer blow” for these businesses who will now go 40% […]

VAT Campaign 2020 - Barmen Jobs

Drinks industry rejects Central Bank comments and calls for VAT reduction

‘Evidence based decision making rather than opinion is required’ Makhlouf scepticism on VAT rate reduction fails to consider the impact of a temporary VAT reduction on on-trade alcohol sales (in pubs, restaurants and hotel bars), according to the drinks industry Group seeks VAT rate reduction on sales of alcohol as temporary and targeted measure which […]

Hospitality VAT won't support 3,500 pubs

Hospitality VAT reduction will not support 3,500 non-food serving pubs closed across the country

VAT rate cut on alcohol sought as a temporary measure to help pubs survive until demand increases and consumer confidence returns in early 2021 – LVA, VFI and Ibec’s Drinks Ireland Hospitality VAT rate cut will deliver nothing for the 3,500 closed pubs that do not serve food. VAT cut must be extended to VAT […]


22,500 jobs at risk in drinks sector as pubs on track for 50% decline in business for the remainder of 2020

Economist Anthony Foley authors report on impact of Covid-19 on the drinks industry and analyses the effect of a reduced VAT rate on on-trade alcohol sales Report concludes that consumer demand will be lower after lockdown due to higher unemployment and reduced earnings while it will likely be 2023 before we reach pre-Covid labour market […]

LVA Logo

LVA utterly condemns drinking on street scenes which jeopardise public health

The Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) utterly condemns the scenes of drinking on streets that took place in Dublin City Centre last night. This is in no way acceptable and completely jeopardises public health, given the lack of social distancing observed. Unfortunately scenes like this have been taking place over the last few weekends in Dublin […]

Launch of Protect our Pubs campaign, calling for a temporary VAT cut on alcohol sold in pubs

‘Protect our Pubs’ campaign to seek tangible support from new government to help a sector that will struggle

More than 60% of pubs outside of Dublin remain closed Campaign set to demonstrate the loss that would be felt should some pubs not reopen Publican groups and drinks industry convene to seek VAT policy change to lessen the struggle for pubs, as reduced capacity and demand and zero tourism will leave some trading at […]

Pubs that flout the guidelines face severe punishment and risk losing their licence

All pubs should follow reopening guidelines – An Garda Síochána and LVA

Strong sanctions for pubs that flout the rules An Garda Síochána and the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) have called on all pubs across Dublin to ensure they are following the reopening guidelines. Pubs that serve substantial meals have been able to reopen since Monday. Effectively this means that pubs who have reopened are operating as […]

Pubs have been implementing the new guidelines ahead of reopening

Pubs reopening a ‘milestone moment’ in recovery of country – LVA

LVA emphasises importance of pubs adhering to guidelines Pubs reopening marks a ‘milestone moment’ in the recovery of the country, according to the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA). Pointing to the worldwide attention the closure of pubs received at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, the LVA believes that their reopening will be a signal that […]

Fresh Hamburger And French Fries With Vegetable

Almost 3 out of 4 regular pub goers plan on returning during first month of reopening – LVA and VFI

Representative bodies urge publicans across the country to follow the guidelines and put the health of customers and staff first Research shows clear hygiene and safety measures will be vital for public with 61% wanting glasses/ cutlery deep cleaned Going for food most popular occasion for returning to pub  7 out of 10 concerned other […]

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