No 7 Documentary - Boomerang Bar Bray

New film focuses on Boomerang Bar, Bray

A new film has been produced focusing on LVA Member, The Boomerang Bar in Bray.

Here producer Roisin Stanley tells us all about this project and what they were hoping to achieve with this fascinating film. 

By Roisin Stanley

No. 7 was filmed in December 2020. It is about pubs as social hubs for people and how the owners Sandie and Derek Stanley, and the customers of The Boomerang Bar feel about their pub and the affects of the Covid closure in March 2020 had on them.

The Boomerang Bar reopened for two weeks and two days in September 2020 has remained closed since.

Sandie and Derek also talk about their life and how they came to own the Boomerang Bar.

As we interviewed each member, we discovered the mental affects the closure had on them. Having a pub like this one be closed for so long really took a toll on the regulars of the Boomerang Bar such as Judy and Tony (the interviewees).

We wanted to highlight how the Covid closure for a so called ‘wet pub’ was different to that of a food serving pub. In the eyes of the customers and staff, this was unfair and made no sense at all, as there was control in an environment such as the Boomerang Bar. Pubs are social hubs for a lot of people and throughout the interviews, each person told us how excited they were to get back to the new normal.


Sandie Stanley
Derek Stanley
Judy Kavanagh
Tony Morey
Roisin Stanley

Director – Nathan Nash

Producer – Roisin Stanley

Camera Operator/Sound – Megan Delaney

Assistant Producers – Kacper Debkowski & Cormac O’Cinneide

Editor – Paul Sparkes


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