Roast Rack of Wicklow Lamb from The Bank on College Green #DubPubDishes

Roast Rack of Wicklow Lamb from The Bank on College Green – #DubPubDishes

The quality of food available in Dublin pubs has increased dramatically over recent years. Some of the dishes provided in Dublin pubs are now amongst the highest calibre of food in the city. Over the coming weeks the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA) will be sharing some of these recipes from Dublin pubs highlighting a selection of the top quality dishes you can find in pubs throughout the city and county.  #DubPubDishes

Serving size: 2+


500g rack of Wicklow Lamb

Dijon mustard

100g breadcrumbs

50ml olive oil

25g mint leaves

25g rosemary

1kg Veal Bones

2 pigs feet

500g carrots

500g onion

500g celery

500g tomato purée

1l red wine

5l water

Roast potatoes

Purple sprouting broccoli

Rainbow carrots

Cooking Method

Instructions for 500g rack of Wicklow lamb cooked to medium temperature;

Cook at 180 degrees for 15 mins.

Coat it in Dijon mustard and apply the herb crust. Allow to cook for a further 10 mins at 180 degrees.

Allow to rest for 5 mins. Slice and serve with roast potatoes, purple sprouting broccoli from Chris Keane’s Farm in Ballyboughal, roast rainbow carrots from Iona Farm in Garristown with homemade gravy and mint sauce.

Preparing the Herb Crust

Blend 100g breadcrumbs, 50ml olive oil, 25g mint leaves and 25t rosemary until fine. Then apply to mustard coated meat.

Preparing 1l of roast gravy

Roast veal bones for an hour and  bring to the boil with the pigs feet, red wine and roughly chopped veg.

Allow 6 hours to simmer.  Add water as needed.

Separate liquid and add tomato purée. Allow to reduce by 2/3.

Roast Rack of Wicklow Lamb from the Bank on College Green - Image 2 #DubPubDishes

About The Bank on College Green

Here at The Bank on College Green, the unique Victorian heritage tradition of yesteryear is integrated with the social and political narrative of how the nation of Ireland has emerged over the past 120 years. We offer an innovative and distinctive food fare throughout the week with particular emphasis on a creative interpretation in what is best in contemporary Irish cuisine. Our goal is to serve a seasonally changing, farm-to-table menu while providing genuine, consistent and exceptional service in an up-scale yet relaxed atmosphere. We strive to source local produce.

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